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Dental Check Ups

Visit us for detailed dental check-ups in Kingston

If you look after your teeth and visit your dentist regularly, then you can expect to enjoy good oral health. At Denison Dental, we’re committed to encouraging our patients towards preventative treatment so they can avoid future dental problems.

We advise our patients to visit us for a dental check-up every six months, so we can keep track of their oral health and deal with any issues as they arise. Early intervention is key if you want to treat a condition quickly and prevent further damage, so making that trip to our dental surgery is crucial.

Preventative care

As part of our services, we offer our patients expert care when it comes to dental hygiene and oral health issues. From making recommendations on brushing your teeth regularly and foods and drinks to avoid, to being able to spot changes in your teeth or gums, we’ll assist with all this and more.

Tooth decay can quickly eat away at the tooth’s surface and damage the nerve inside, so it’s important to brush at least twice every day. Preventing dental problems will not only save you from treatment in the future, it will also keep dentistry costs down and maintain the integrity of your natural teeth.

Book an appointment with our dental team at Denison Dental to stay on top of your oral health or help your family stay healthy through regular dental check-ups.

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