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Mouth Guards

Comfortable mouth guards from Kingston’s preferred dental practice

Mouth guards are a useful, protective device worn during sports or any other time when there’s the possibility of contact to the face. Available for both children and adults, mouth guards offer a simple but effective way of preventing damage to your teeth, which could otherwise result in costly dental treatment.

How do mouth guards work?

If you get hit while playing a sport or any other activity, mouth guards will absorb and spread the impact of the blow to your face, which may otherwise have resulted in an injury to your mouth or jaw. Without a mouth guard in place, you run the risk of broken, cracked, or even knocked out teeth. In all of these instances, dental treatment would be required and could also mean fitting crowns, bridges, or other restorative dentistry to fix your smile.

Custom-fitted mouth guards are much better at protecting your teeth as they’re designed specifically for your mouth. ‘Over the counter’ mouth guards, on the other hand, are far less effective, and are typically bulky and uncomfortable because they don’t fit well.

If you visit your dentist and opt for a custom-fitted mouth guard, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience and you’ll be able to speak clearly.
These mouth guards will also not shift or fall out, nor will they restrict your breathing.

If you’re very active and are looking for a mouth guard, talk to Denison Dental today.

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