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Sedation Dentistry

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Few people enjoy trips to the dentist, but for you these visits have always been more than just an uncomfortable check-up. You worry about dental appointments so much that you often put off vital exams and treatments. Rather than avoid proper dental care, schedule an appointment with a sedation dentist in Kingston at Denison Dental for a treatment plan.

Our team takes time to discuss your goals, health history and concerns to provide you with personalised dental care. We also use sedation techniques specifically designed for patients who suffer from anxiety during treatment. With these techniques, you can explore all of the options available to you at Denison Dental.

Our Sedation Services

If you or one of your children has a history of anxiety during dental treatment, simply inform us. We provide patients as young as three years of age with the option to use nitrous oxide gas, also known as “happy gas”.

We place a mask over your nose and administer nitrous oxide gas through the mask. The concentration of nitrous oxide we use depends on the length of your appointment. As you inhale the gas, you will experience a relaxed state. You still will remain fully aware of your surroundings, but this gas will ensure that you don’t twitch or panic. Sedation has numerous benefits including:

• Relaxation
• Comfort
• More control of movement
• Cooperation with staff
• Reduced gag reflex
• Decreased appointment time

Once our dentists finish your treatment and stop the gas flow, the effects will wear off at once. You’ll be able to drive home safely without supervision.

Quality Sedation Dentists in Kingston for 30 Years

Let us use our experience as dentists to help you feel calm at your next dental check-up. When you need a trusted sedation dentist in Kingston, contact Denison Dental. Call us on 03 6229 4122 or email us at denisondental@netspace.net.au. For after hour emergencies, call 0477 806 537.

Nitrous oxide/‘happy gas’

At Denison Dental, we offer our patients the choice of nitrous oxide sedation if they suffer from extreme anxiety during dental treatments.

Inhaled through a nose mask, the gas induces a safely relaxed state, although the patient is still fully aware of what’s going on. It’s a very effective way of completing treatment without causing unnecessary stress, and can be administered in varying doses according to the length of time required for the appointment.

Once the treatment is complete, you’ll return to normal at once, and will be able to drive home safely without supervision.

Professional sedation dentistry

We have the skills and knowledge to successfully treat patients, using sedation if necessary. When you visit our practice, your dentist will discuss the treatment at hand, and will review how the gas will work, so you will be aware of every stage of the process.

If you feel anxious about treatment, please inform our team and we’ll develop a personalised care plan to address all of your needs.

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