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Dentures (Prosthodontics)

Dentures from Kingston’s top dental clinic

For anyone who has missing teeth, dentures are a great way to restore your smile. There are two choices available:

Full dentures: these replace all of your teeth

Partial dentures: these replace only some missing teeth

Immediate dentures are also an option for patients who can’t be without teeth immediately after having them extracted.

At Denison Dental, we can fit whichever type of dentures are most suitable for your needs, and will discuss this with you before commencing treatment.

How do dentures work?

Made from chrome or acrylic, dentures act as a substitute for your missing teeth. Full dentures fit over your gums, while partial dentures will be supported by remaining teeth. Once fitted, it takes a little time to adjust to your new dentures, but our friendly dentists will advise you on what to do.

Eating, drinking and speaking will become easier as you get accustomed to your dentures and, if well maintained, they can last for several years. Due to natural changes in the mouth over time, they will have to be replaced at various stages of your life to ensure they remain properly fitted.

If you choose the chrome denture framework, you can enjoy a much less bulky denture than the acrylic option. It’s also lighter, doesn’t affect taste when eating, and has less impact on speech.

Please speak to our team if you think dentures may be an option for you.

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